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Birth Order : Home

Electronic Resources

Here are several helpful resources for researching the topic of  birth order. (Links are for on-campus users. If you are located off-campus, see notes at the bottom of this section.)

  • Credo Reference - use this resource to find articles in  a large collection of e-reference works.
  • Eisenman, Russell. "Birth order and personality." in  Psychology and Mental Health. Ed. Nancy A. Piotrowski, 3d ed. 5 vols. Pasadena, Calif.: Salem Press, 2009. Salem Health Web. - (This e-reference article is located in Salem Health.   Library also  has print version. in reference)
  •  Gale Virtual Reference Library (also called GVRL). Use this resource to find articles in  a collection of e-reference works.
    (Library also  has print versions of some of the titles.)


Reference and General Reserve Books