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Search Tip

 If a reference book does not seem to have your mathematician, try variant forms of their name. For example "Euphemia Lofton Haynes", "Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes" and  "Euphemia  Haynes "  are all referencing the same person.

B-CU Electronic Resources


Links in  this section are for on-campus users. Off campus users see note at the bottom.)

  • Credo Reference  (a  collection of e-reference books)
  • GVRL  (another collection of  e-reference books)


  •       JSTOR (journal database) Here are a few helpful JSTOR journal articles:
    • Black Men and Women in Mathematical Research by Patricia Clark Kenschaft  Journal of Black Studies , Vol. 18, No. 2 (Dec., 1987), pp. 170-190   (On campus link:  To view full-text article - select "view pdf" from Tools menu.)
    • Black Women in Mathematics in the United States by Patricia C. Kenschaft The American Mathematical Monthly , Vol. 88, No. 8 (Oct., 1981), pp. 592-604 (On campus link:   To view full-text article - select "view pdf" from Tools menu.)


Google Books search

Google Book Search will help identify  some additional resources.

1.Enter the mathermatician's name  below in the Google Books search box.

2. Check B-CU Library catalog to identify books the library has in its collections.

3. Please let a librarian know which resources you can't find or if you need more sources. We're here to help.

Help with APA style questions

  • Here are several books that also will be helpful: