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Collection Development and Purchase Suggestions: Home

Collection Development

The Library welcomes material recommendations by faculty, students, staff and other users.  Recommendations are vital in helping the library select the best possible materials to support the teaching and research activities of the university. All recommendations are considered and a final decision for each recommendation is made using the guidelines of the library’s collection development policy.

Use the purchase request form to make material recommendations and send the completed form as an email attachment to either the department’s liaison (see list below) or directly to the  Collection Development/Acquisitions librarian (

Helpful Selection Tools

The library subscribes to several useful selection tools :

  • RCLweb: Resources for College Libraries  Find recommended titles by searching this continuously updated core list of more than 75,000 academic titles. These titles are selected by subject specialists and bibliographers and include print, electronic media and Internet resources.


Library Liaisons


The Library has designated a librarian to act as a liaison to serve as the principal contact for each academic school for information about library policies, procedures and services. The liaisons are also responsible for staying in communication with the department chairs and faculty about selecting books, journals and other materials for purchase to support the school's learning and research activities.

Questions or comments about the liaison librarian program may be directed to Dr. Tasha Lucas Youmans, Dean of the Library/Chief Librarian.

Library Liaisons:

Dr. Tasha Lucas-Youmans
Liaison: College of Business and Entrepreneurship, School of Hospitality Management
Chief Librarian / Dean of the Library
(386) 481-2181

Mr. Ervin Ross
Liaison: School of Performing Arts and Communication, School of Religion
Director of Access Services
(386) 481-2099

Mrs. Geraldine Kohn
Liaison: College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing
(386) 481-2187

Ms. Helen Morey
Liaison: School of Education
Collection Development/Acquisitions Librarian
(386) 481-2417

Mrs. Laura Quatrella
Liaison: College of Liberal Arts
Reference/Instructional Librarian
(386) 481-2118

Mr. Angelo J. Salvo
Liaison: School of Science, Engineering & Mathematics
Interlibrary Loan/ Technical Processing Librarian
(386) 481-2189

Ms. Betty Story-Westlake
Liaison: College of Online and Professional Studies
Reference/Instructional Librarian​
(386) 481-2416



Comprehensive Lists of Items

If you need a comprehensive list of titles for collection development activities, contact the Acquisitions librarian at

Please allow a minimum of 3-5 working days to fulfill a request.