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Country Information: Statistics

Reference Books



Human Development Reports and Indicators Produced by the United Nations Human Development Programme.

International Database (IDB)  From the U.S. Census Bureau, provides tables, country rankings, and world population information.

International Statistical Agencies  Links to international statistical agencies.  Statistics worldwide on the environment, education, energy, immigration, terrorism, transportation, and more.

Statistical Abstract of the United States  Examine Section 30, which gives comparative international statistics.

United Nations Development Programme/Human Development Reports  Rates countries by Human Development Index, which entails life expectancy, literacy and school enrollment, and standard of living.

United Nations Infonation  Enables a comparison of statistical information on United Nations member states in the fields of population, economy, health, technology, and the environment.

United Nations Statistics Division. UNdata. Search page that allows users to search and download a variety of statistics from the United Nations 

World Bank: Data by Country  Organized by income level and geographic region or specific country; includes data on population, environment, and the economy.