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Crime Statistics: Drugs

Getting Started

Index list of tables from theSourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics


Bureau of Justice Statistics

Drug & Crime Facts
This site summarizes U.S. statistics about drug-related crimes, law enforcement, courts, and corrections from Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and non-BJS sources.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Stats & Facts
National statistics on arrests and seizures, links to national studies and publications, and state fact sheets.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Drug Crime
Provides links to publications on drug related crime, manufacturing, possession, and trafficking.

National Drug Intelligence Center

National Drug Threat Assessment
NDIC's annual National Drug Threat Assessment gives policymakers and counterdrug executives a timely, predictive report on the threat of drugs, gangs, and violence. We synthesize the views of local, state, regional, and federal agencies to produce a comprehensive picture of this threat.

NDIC Mapping
Information collected by the NDIC in the course of producing domestic drug intelligence products is presented on this web site through dynamic and static maps.  Visitors can view data on drug trends and threats and other drug-related information from across the United States through mapping applications incorporated into the web site.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration - Office of Applied Studies
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Office of Applied Studies (OAS) collects and reports on national and State data to assist policymakers, treatment providers and patients make informed decisions regarding the prevention and treatment of mental and substance use disorders.  OAS provides the latest data on (1) alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug abuse, (2) drug related emergency department episodes, and (3) the nation's substance abuse treatment system.

United Nations - Office on Drugs and Crime

World Drug Report - Global Illicit Drug Trends
The World World Drug report provides every year one of the most complete pictures of the international drug problem available.