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Information Literacy: Research Tools

Information Literacy

Research Tools

By using the following research tools, you can efficiently find the information you need:


  • Library catalogs.  Search library catalogs to find books, government documents, maps, etc. that have been carefully selected and purchased for the library's collection.  The catalog for Swisher Library is WorldCat. Material is shown that the library owns and also libraries worldwide.

  • Research databases allow you to search for high quality materials that are carefully selected and organized in a way that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you need.  The best way to find articles from journals, magazines and newspapers is to search research databases.  Click here to access the list of research databases available, arranged by subject, through the Swisher Library. 

  • Internet Search Engines, like Google, allow you to search the Internet for your topic.  You cannot always quickly find items of true value, b they are mixed in with items of little or no value. It can be time consuming to sift, sort, and select before you find something truly useful.  Duck Duck Go is not ad reliant and search results may be more relevant. Also Du and does not track searches. You can also try Google Scholar, which limits to items from scholarly journals, etc..