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List of topics in each Credo Instruct-InfoLit Research Module

List of topics in each Credo Instruct-InfoLit  Research Module

Module 1 - Getting Started with Research


  Pre-Test for all topics

 Getting Started With Research 

 Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters 

 Video: Life in the Information Age 

 Video: The Research Process

 Videos: Research Process 

Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus 

 Tutorial: Choosing a Topic

 Video: How to Narrow Your Topic

 Videos: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google 

 Tutorial: Background Research Tips 

 Video: Thesis Statements

 Quiz: Thesis Statements

 Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation

 Quiz: The Research Process



Module 2 Sources of Information 

 Tutorial: Information Has Value 

 Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge 

 Tutorial: Source Types 

 Video: Primary & Secondary Research 

 Video: Primary & Secondary Sources 

 Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources 

 Video: Peer Review 

 Quiz: Peer Review 

 Video: Types of Sources 

 Quiz: Types of Sources 

 Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials 

 Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials 

 Module 3 - Searching for Information 

 Videos: Searching as Exploration 

 Video: Choosing a Database 

 Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords 

 Quiz: Choosing a Database 

 Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords 

 Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1 

 Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2 

 Video: Refining Search Results 

 Quiz: Search Techniques 


Module 4 - Evaluating Information 

 Video: What is Authority? 

 Video: Introduction to Bias

 Video: Types of Bias 

 Quiz: Bias

 Video: Evaluating Sources 

 Tutorial: Evaluating Resources 

 Tutorial: Evaluating Information (2018 Update) 

 Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source 

 Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News 

 Quiz: Fake News 

 Video: Objectivity in Reporting 

 Quiz: Evaluating Information 

Research Tutorial: Module 5 – Presenting Research and Data 

 Video: Synthesizing Information 

 Tutorial: Synthesizing Information 

 Quiz: Synthesizing Information 

 Tutorial: Annotated Bibliography 

 Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper 

 Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper 

 Video: Writing Help 

Research Tutorial: Module 6 – Citations and Academic Integrity 

 Video: Why Citations Matter 

 Tutorial: Why Citations Matter 

 Video: APA Citation Style 

 Tutorial: APA Citations 

 Quiz: APA Citations 

 Video: MLA 7th Edition Citation Style 

 Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style 

 Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style 

 Quiz: MLA Citations 

 Video: Turabian Citation Style 

 Quiz: Turabian Citations 

 Video: Harvard Citation Style 

 Video: Chicago Style Book Citations 

 Video: Chicago Style Journal and Website Citations 

 Video: Chicago Style 17th ed. Journals 

 Video: Chicago Style, 17th ed. Books and eBooks 

 Video: Chicago Style, 17th ed. Websites and Social Media 

 Video: Academic Integrity 

 Video: Plagiarism 

 Video: Copyright 

 Quiz: Academic Integrity 

 Post-Test for all topics