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Faculty and Staff Research Publications: Johnson, Matilda

This guide provides information on the publications of Bethune-Cookman University Faculty, Administration, and Staff.

Selected Publications

Wheaton, F.V., & Johnson, M. (March 2017).  Prevalence of Weight Underestimation among Adults 50+ in the United States: Differences by Race/Ethnicity, Age, Gender and Education. Poster presented at the Florida Health Equity Summit, Daytona Beach, FL.

Raphael Isokpehi, Shaneka Simmons, Matilda Johnson, Marinelle Payton. Genomic Evidence for Bacterial Determinants Influencing Obesity Development. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Under Revision. 

Matilda O. Johnson, Asihia Hines, Deanna Wathington, and Bridgett Rahim Williams (January 2016). Faith-Based Transdisciplinary System of Care for Diabetes Intervention. Poster presented at HERI Summit, Tampa, FL.

Johnson MO, Zhang J, Lee JE and Sung JH. Association of Dietary Habits and Physical Activity with Obesity, Hypertension and Type II Diabetes among Adult Women in Mississippi. 10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research, Jackson Convention Complex, Jackson, MS, USA, September 15-18, 2013.

Johnson, M. O. (2014). Visual analytics of arsenic in various foods (Doctoral dissertation, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA).

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Matilda Johnson, RDN MPH CHES PHD

Principal Investigator, DERR PROJECT

Assistant Professor Dept. of Public Health and Health Equity

Program Director Minor in Nutrition

Petrock College of Health Sciences


Office: Graduate Studies                         


  • B.S. Nutrition, 2000  University of Ibadan, Nigeria

  • M.S.  Nutrition, 2004  Texas Woman’s University, Texas, USA    

  • MPH Public Health, 2014  Jackson State University, Mississippi, USA

  • PhD Environmental Science,  2014  University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa


 Current research interests:

My academic and professional experiences have prepared me for projects that are transdisciplinary and collaborative. I have a broad background in nutritional sciences, environmental health and health education. I received specific training within the MPH in Behavioral Health Promotion and Education with emphasis on how to identify, evaluate and reduce chronic disease in population and promote positive personal and community health. At Bethune-Cookman University, I am a faculty member with teaching responsibilities in the Department of Public Health, College of Health Sciences. I have developed an Undergraduate Minor in Nutritional Sciences within the College of Health Sciences.

My research interests include minority health and health disparities focusing on populations adversely affected by disparate health outcomes. Three primary goals direct the focus of my research; (1) To identify and reduce chronic disease disparities in minority populations; and (2) To use innovative initiatives to promote improved individual and community health, and (3) To reduce chronic disease morbidity and mortality among underserved, minority populations.