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Faculty and Staff Research Publications: Pass, Michael

This guide provides information on the publications of Bethune-Cookman University Faculty, Administration, and Staff.

Selected Publications

Masculinity and Disproportionate

Risk of Contact with the Criminal Justice System:

Findings from a Select Sample of Low-income

Black Males in New York City


Official statistics document that Black male’s experience disproportionate contact with the criminal justice system (CJS). Existing theory and research suggest that this contact may be attributed to unique attributes of Black masculine behavior. Utilizing a meta-analysis of Black masculinity studies and content analysis of narratives from a select sample of Black males, ages 19-50, the current study examines the similarities and differences between the construction and performance of normative or traditional masculinity, as measured by Mahalik et als’ (2003) CMNI and the attributes of Black masculinity as defined in the literature. A goal of the study was to assess whether Black males’ risk for disproportionate contact with the CJS is attributable to unique ways in which they construct, define, and engage masculine identities; or whether their risk for disproportionate contact with the CJS is substantially attributable to structural responses and impediments to their fulfillment of typical (normative) rather than atypical masculine roles.

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Michael Pass, PhD

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice


Office Location: Harrison Rhodes Hall/ School of Social Sciences Room 412
Office Phone: 386-481-2412
Email Address:


  • PhD in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
  • Masters in Professional Study: Theology;
  • Masters in the Arts: Sociology.

Current research interests include:

  • Black males and their masculinity as it relates to risk with the criminal justice system
  • The juvenile justice system reform; race relations in America and the criminal justice system
  • Prison re-entry
  • Alcohol/drug use
  • The Black family.