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Faculty and Staff Research Publications: Williams, Trenessa L.

This guide provides information on the publications of Bethune-Cookman University Faculty, Administration, and Staff.

Selected Publications

Journal Article: Transformation of a City: Gentrifications Influence on the Small Business Owners of Harlem, New York  SAGE Open 6(4) · November 2016


Doctoral study: Community Transformation: Gentrification and its Influence on Small Business Owners (2014)


Abstract: Gentrification changes the landscape and the cultural makeup of a city by increasing property values and changing consumption patterns. Since the late 1980s, gentrification has challenged the residential and small business community of Harlem, New York. Guided by the rent gap theory and the consumption-side theory, the purpose of this case study was to explore how small business leaders can compete with demographical changes brought by gentrification. A purposive sample of 20 Harlem small business owners operating during the city's gentrification participated in interviews, which were transcribed and then coded to generate common themes. Interview interpretations were triangulated with coded government documents and periodicals to bolster the trustworthiness of the final report. The 3 themes that emerged in this report were related to the small business owners' division on the issue of gentrification, the influence of gentrification on small business development, and the influence of gentrification on small business owners' business operations. These findings may contribute to positive social change by informing the strategies employed by small business owners who are currently facing gentrification.

ResearchGate Page:

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Some of the articles listed above can be downloaded from Dr. Williams' ResearchGate page.

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Trenessa L. Williams, MBA, DBA


Assistant Professor, College of Business and Entrepreneurship

CURE Faculty Mentor 2017
Holmes Business Building Suite 348
Telephone: 386-481-2827


  • Doctor of Business Administration w/ Specialization in Entrepreneurship
  • Walden University Master of Business Administration- Nova Southeastern University
  •  B.S. in African-American Studies and Business Administration- Florida A&M University

 Current research interest:

My primary research interests are in the area of entrepreneurship and gentrification.  My doctoral study focused on the issue of gentrification and its impact on the small business owners of Harlem, NY. My research focused on how the changes in demographics caused by gentrification affects those that operating a business in the area being gentrified.