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Library Introduction: Library Tour

Welcome to the Carl S. Swisher Library

Welcome to the Carl S. Swisher Library

Welcome to the Carl S. Swisher Library

This short tour will introduce you to some of the helpful resources and services in the Carl S. Swisher Library.

The Learning Commons

Learning Commons

  • As you come into the Library, you will see the Learning Commons.
  • All of these computers are for student use.
  • Printers are in the back right corner.
  • Small group study rooms are on the right.

Circulation Desk and New Book area

Circulation Desk

  • On your left is the Circulation Desk, where you can:
    • Check out materials that instructors have placed  "on reserve".
    • Check out circulating books and study rooms.


Librarian helping a student checkout a laptop

Laptop Checkout



Reference Help

  • When you need reference help, please stop by the desk and a staff member will be happy to find a librarian to help you.
  • Or  you can call (386) 481-2186  or send an e-mail to

New Book Area

New Books Display

  • To the right of the Circulation Desk is our New Books Display.
  • These books can be checked out. Enjoy browsing our newest arrivals!
  • (We also have many more newer books upstairs.)

Library stairwell to second floor

Going Upstairs

  • Near the front of the library is the main stairwell and it takes you up to the 2nd floor.
  • (Please see a staff member at the Circulation Desk, if you need to use the elevator instead of the stairs.)

Second Floor, Black and Main Collection areas

Second Floor

  • As you come upstairs, on your left, you will see a book collection devoted to all aspects of African American history, life and culture. We call this collection the "Black Collection".
  • On the other side of the aisle, is the "Main Collection".
  • Archives Dept. is at the end of the aisle.
  • Print musical scores are on the wall near Archives.
  • Juvenile Collection  -which supports the College of Education courses and community reading programs.
  • Graphic Novels Collection - near the Juvenile Collection.



Main oCllection area

Checking out a Book

  • Books in the Black, Main, Graphic Novels, and Juvenile collections, as well as Scores, can be checked out downstairs at the Circulation Desk.
  • Be sure and bring your B-CU ID card- this is also your library card.

Signs pointing to the Library Instruction Lab

Special Rooms to The Right

  • Before you leave this area, notice the maroon sign at the top of the ceiling -the sign points to some special rooms on your right.

Follow the arrow and go right

Follow the Arrow

Follow the sign's directional arrow and go right...

Entrance to dedicated Library Instruction  Lab, the Bethune Room and the Faculty/Staff training Lab

Entrance to Special Rooms

  • Inside, on your right is the Library Instruction Lab.
  • The Faculty/Staff Training Lab is on the left.
  • The Bethune Room, a conference room for faculty and staff, is between the two labs.

Library Instruction (BI) Lab

Library Instruction Lab

  • The Library Instruction Lab is a computer lab you will use for any library instruction classes your instructor schedules.
  • (Some faculty use the term  "BI Room" or "BI Lab"  instead of "Library Instruction Lab". )

Librarian helping student checkout a laptop

SUMMARY: Important Points

  •  Your B-CU ID card is also your library card.
  • For reference help, contact the B-CU librarians by:
    • email:
    • phone 386-481-2186
    • come by the Circulation Desk.

Carl Swisher Library first floor

SUMMARY: First Floor

  • Learning Commons - computer workstations and group study rooms.
  • Circulation Desk  where you can check out many kinds of resources.
  •  A selection of new books is also on this floor.






Carl Swisher Library Second floor

SUMMARY: 2nd Floor

  • The Black Collection - circulating books on  Afro-American history and culture, including novels.

  • The Main Collection

  • The Library Instruction Lab

  • The Bethune Room and Faculty/Staff Training Lab

  • Archives

  • Scores and Graphic Novels

  • Juvenile Collection


Carl S Swisher library building

We hope this tour has been helpful.

Questions? Contact the B-CU librarians by:

  • email:
  • phone 386-481-2186
  • come by the circulation desk.

The Library Staff