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Faculty Profiles: Wilson-Howard, Danyell

This guide provides information on Bethune-Cookman University faculty, including their research interests, accomplishments and activities, and brief biographical details.

Dr. Danyell Wilson-Howard

Dr. Danyell Wilson-Howard

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Director of the We Invest Needs-Health Projects (WIN-HP)
Office Location: Rabie J. Gainous 
Science Annex/Observatory Room #126
Office Phone: 386-481-2687


Instagram: bcu.win_hp  


  • B.S. Chemistry, Lincoln University 2003
  • Master Analytical Chemistry 2007, University of Florida
  • PhD Biochemistry 2010, University of Florida

Brief Biographical Sketch

Dr. Wilson-Howard is a faculty member at the Great Bethune-Cookman University in the Department of Natural Sciences. She is also an Affiliated Faculty member with the University of Florida’s STEM Translational Communication Center. As an affiliated faculty member, Dr. Wilson-Howard’s research with UF examines the effectiveness of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and culturally tailored Virtual Human Technology (VHT) promoting colorectal cancer screening via telehealth.

She is also the founder and director of the Bethune Cookman University’s WIN Health Projects.  WIN-Health Projects uses evidence-based frameworks and models to invest in the health needs of our community in person and virtually via social media by translating educational health and science information concerning infectious and chronic diseases. The Long-term goal of WIN-HP is to design an entity that provides chronic and infectious disease education virtually and locally, promotes preventive behavior, and decreases risk-of-exposure with all populations especially priority populations affected the most by various health disparities.  


Research Interests

Dr. Wilson-Howard’s research interests are in translational research with an emphasis on health communication and science literacy. Her long-term goal is to establish a Translational Research and STEM Center at a historically black college or university (HBCU) in order to tackle two factors that affect health disparities: 

1. Conduct a translational research project surrounding health and science literacy.

2. Increase minority participation in disciplines studying and treating health disparities

  •  Science and Health Communications
  •  Health Disparities
  • Equity
  • Chronic and Infectious Diseases 


Feb. 18, 2023 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, Miami, Florida. Title: Can a Growth Mindset be used to Increase COVID-19 Education and Decrease Vaccination Hesitancy?

Feb. 19, 2022 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, Orlando, Florida .Title: Transference of Psychological and Physiological Crisis

Feb. 19, 2022 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, Orlando, Florida. Title: Identifying the Impact of Lack of Complacency and Confidence on Vaccination hesitancy

Jan. 25, 2022      Health Volusia, Department of Health, Daytona Beach, Florida .Title: Helping to Promote Local Businesses and Tell their Stories: The Pandemic Win Initiative

Jan. 4, 2022 Bethune Cookman University’s Faculty Institute, Daytona Beach, Florida .Title: Building Community Partners to Share Health and Science Information that May Save Lives: The Pandemic Win Initiative

Nov. 19 2021 Classic Weekend, Orlando, Fl . Title: Viewing the Impact of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories on Vaccination Hesitancy



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