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Faculty Profiles: Ponce, Anna B.

This guide provides information on Bethune-Cookman University faculty, including their research interests, accomplishments and activities, and brief biographical details.

Dr. Anna B. Ponce,

Assistant Professor

Office Location Science Building S124

Office Phone 386.481.2669



  • MS in Biology, University of Silesia, 2002
  • PhD in Agriculture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, 2010.



Brief Biographical Sketch

Dr. Anna Bozena Ponce is a dedicated researcher with expertise in plant anatomy and morphogenetics, specializing in the study of vascular cambium. Anna holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, with her doctoral thesis focusing on the adjustment of cambial initials and vessel network in the wood of selected arborescent plant species.

Anna's professional experience includes working as an assistant professor at the University of Opole (2009-2017), where she has prepared and delivered courses related to her expertise. She has also served as an advisor for bachelor and master degree theses and coordinated the work of a cambium research laboratory.

At Bethune-Cookman University, she is responsible for several courses: BI 142, BI 351, and BI 410B.

Research Interests

Her research is focused on plants development and anatomy, and their importance in ecosystems. Recently she is working on several projects, including dune erosion assessment, salt effects on plants anatomy and development, plant chimeras and their use in gardening, plant invasive species and social awareness of the issue, and xylogenesis and radial increment in arborescent trees, including tree ring analysis.


Ford I, Cho HY, Ponce AB, Tressler M, and Stura S. Non-native Aquatic Plants in Urban Stormwater Structures: Implications for Host of Mosquito Mansonia Larvae. Florida Invasive Species Council Conference, Daytona Beach 03/2023


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